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Avoid Spider Infestations this Winter

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

As the summer draws to a close, with fresh winter mornings and breezy afternoons beginning to become ever more prominent. Property owners nationwide are facing an array of new challenges. Maximising your homes heat retention, avoiding rodent encounters and over the past two weeks, deterring spiders from your home. Wallace Estates have recognized that with Winter, comes an abundance of new challenges. Thus, we have created this new blog section to help property owners nationwide, battle these challenges with proven and effective techniques.

This week, we are talking about Spiders.

You may have noticed over the last number of weeks an occurrence of spiders around, or even inside your home. We understand that more often than not, people try to avoid this issue every Winter.

How can I stop spiders entering my home?

Here is our 3-Step Spider Rule, to help you avoid unwanted spider infestations taking place in your home as we approach Winter.

1. Keep your Home Neat, Tidy and Clean.

This may seem like an obvious answer, but most commonly, spiders are creatures that hide in places where they too, will avoid encounters. Remember, spiders are more afraid of us than we are of them. Store away magazines, clothes, and other particulars that get left around as our eyes become blind to them.

Vacuum at least twice a week. Spend more time in areas of exposure including, cracks, window sills, door frames and other external dividers - these are their points of entry.

2. Seal Cracks.

Although more commonly found in houses with 10+ years of age, cracks appear in almost every property at some stage of their standings. Carefully locate these cracks, no matter how small and seal them with the correct sealer from your local hardware store. This again will prevent spiders and other insects entering your home without permission.

Cork Pest-Control: Woodies Cork, Pest A Tac & MD O'Shea's

Dublin Pest Control : Complete Pest Control & Lenehans

3. Keep Outdoor Lights to a Minimum.

Although spiders are not necessarily attracted to light. Their meals are - flies, clothes moths etc... Avoid attracting spiders to the externals of your home by using dimmed lighting or no lighting where possible.

Spiders are a fact of life and they play an important role in our ecosystem, but that’s not to say we have to live with these creatures in our homes. By adopting our simple 3-Step Spider Rule, you are giving your home it's best chance in avoiding spider occurrences. Exploit these simple but effective steps and prevent spider encounters in your home.

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Your Home, Our Priority.

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