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Choosing the Correct Estate Agent | Cork City

Choosing an Estate Agent, like choosing any other service provider, requires investigation. Not only discovering the credibility of the estate agent’s services but finding out whether or not a strong and honest relationship can be formed to help you achieve your objective. Below, we have categorised some of the most important aspects we recommend for all people to consider when seeking to find an estate agent auctioneer that works for them.

Find a Reputable Estate Agent - Auctioneers Cork City & West Cork

Rule number one. Always research their service history. In all instances, service providers will present reviews across their website and social channels. This is your first port of call to discover whether or not they have the skills, experience and expertise to reach your objective. This will help you to narrow down your choices drastically. Do you welcome how the agents have been reviewed, do you think this type of service would work for you, or does it seem like something is lacking?

Tell Them About You

When finding the perfect property auctioneer for you, remembering that your objective is the most integral part of this relationship is key. Tell them as much as possible about your requirements. Is it a property valuation you require? Are you hoping to gain a trusted letting agent or management service? Tell the agent everything you feel may be relevant about your property and your service expectations.

This process will allow the agent to present service options to you, which you can then discuss. Allowing you to decide whether you have chosen the right agent for you and your requirements or not.

How They Can Help You - Estate Agents Cork & Dublin

Enquire as to how they can help you. Does their skillset match your demands?

When paying for a service, seek the highest quality of service at an affordable rate. Wallace Estates provides a comprehensive and landlord driven service. Our auctioneer services are widely available across both Dublin and Cork, all of which are driven by our Managing Director Bernadette Wallace. Bernadette operates with efficiency, communication and is passionately result-driven - a factor each of our clients appreciates.

Can You Foresee a Positive Relationship

Finally, do you feel the agent you have chosen is right for you?

Appreciating communication is key to success in all instances - especially with Wallace Estates. We welcome communication, questions and queries. We ensure each of our clients are kept fully updated at all times.

We also appreciate that in some instances landlords rather than our team handle everything. In these instances, we take full responsibility and control, only contacting the landlord with matters that truly require their attention - ensuring a hassle-free service.

Your Home, Our Priority.

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