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Property Valuation - Cork City

Selling your property can be one of the biggest decisions you may make. With an array of legislation, market expectations and negotiations at the forefront of this process, it is recommended to acquire a reputable Estate Agent for all relevant activities. Step 1. Of every property sale begins with a Property Valuation that is.

What are Property Valuations?

Conducting a property valuation requires in-depth market knowledge, efficiency and the willingness to generate a desirable yet profitable pricing point. Our property valuation process is actioned within 1-2 days on enquiry.

Property Valuation Cork City & Dublin South

1. Enquiry phone call conversation or by our online form fill.

2. Property visit appointment confirmed.

3. Property valuation conducted.

4. Official property valuation issued to client.

5. Phone lines remain open for further questions or queries.

Wallace Estates Property Valuations

All property valuations whether they are Cork City or South Dublin based are done so seamlessly. We aim to provide market-leading services at every instance of our business. We understand that property valuations can often be predetermined by a property owner, but we also understand the true value of homes in the market today. We strive to provide a memorable service by combining professional Irish property market knowledge with a friendly, open and inviting communication system. We consider all aspects of properties during a property valuation, the property structure, age, location and most importantly the potential of the home going forward.

Who Conducts Property Valuations?

All property valuations are conducted by our Managing Director Bernadette Wallace. It comforts our clients to know that each and every service we provide is overseen by Bernadette - ensuring exceedingly high results every time. Bernadette believes communication is key and this mentality is apparent at every point of contact with our business.

Property valuation experts provide vast amounts of knowledge not only in the valuation of homes but also in setting achievable yet high pricing points for residential & commercial sales and lettings. All valuations made are based on the current market standings combined with over 12 years of estate agent servicing across Cork & Dublin.

Contact our team today for a FREE No Obligation Consultation or Call our office: (021) 241 6503.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring each enquiry is answered within 24hrs.

Your Home, Our Priority.

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