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Residential Property Prices decline by 0.6%

The latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have unfolded a drop in the residential property prices by 0.6%. But the growth from August 2019 remains above that of before.


In Dublin, residential property prices have seen a slight decline by 1.6%...


Stage 3: Safety-First Property Viewings

As the country faces yet another major disruption to our daily lives with the government's introduction of Stage 3. Property owners nationwide have developed growing uncertainties in relation to Property Sales and Lettings.

We understand that selling or renting your home may be of major concern with the given circumstances of restrictive movement and with growing fears of the virus spreading rate.

We would like to ensure each of our clients that....


Covid-19 - Property Sales and Rental Rates

As the majority of Ireland begin to open back up today while adhering to the new normalities the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced. The country has unveiled the effects this global pandemic has had on Ireland.

So, what effects has this unforeseen circumstance placed on Ireland’s Housing Market?

Following a sharp downturn in monthly sale prices in April by 5.3%. Unexpectedly June and July property sale prices rose by 2.3%. This came as a surprise to many spectators across Ireland. However, the continual land valuation growth over the last 5 years cannot be ignored...


Avoid Spider Infestations this Winter

As the summer draws to a close, with fresh winter mornings and breezy afternoons beginning to become ever more prominent. Property owners nationwide are facing an array of new challenges. Maximising your homes heat retention, avoiding rodent encounters and over the past two weeks, deterring spiders from your home. Wallace Estates have recognized that with Winter, comes an abundance of new challenges. Thus, we have created this new blog section to help property owners nationwide, battle these challenges with proven and effective techniques.

This week, we are talking about Spiders...


How to Keep Your Home Damp-free

In this week’s blog, we are offering our best tips to help prevent damp from tarnishing your home’s interior walls, ceilings and in some cases furniture. As the weather turns with Winter approaching - damp once again becomes a tenant in many homes damp is one of the most common problems we face in Irish homes in the early and latter stages of each year. Let’s explore how to identify and prevent damp occurrences before they become a large problem in your home. Damp comes in three variations; Rising damp, Penetrating damp and Condensation.

Identifying damp can be relatively easy...