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Residential Property Prices - August 2020


he latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) have unfolded a drop in the residential property prices by 0.6%. But the growth from August 2019 remains above that of before.


In Dublin, residential property prices have seen a slight decline by 1.6%.

· Houses decreased by 1.4%.

· Apartments increased by 0.1%.

· Highest house price growth was 1.7% in Fingal.

· Highest house price decline was 3.4% in Dublin City.

These statistics have shown that although the demand for accommodation remains high in Dublin City, it is of apartment style rather than housing with the City geographic, while the suburban area of Dublin has received a growth in price capacity.


In Cork, residential property prices have remained relatively steady:

· Carrigaline - €317,500.

· Kinsale - €344,999.

· Cork Southside - €290,000.

· Cork Northside - €239,750.

Overall the national index is 17.6% lower than the highest of 2007. However, in relation to the expected downfall from COVID-19, the property market has remained relatively strong.

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