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Professional Property Management                 Experts Cork City & Dublin


We all know that a return/yield on an investment property is essential, but for many individuals so is peace of mind and a decent nights sleep. When a property is professionally managed by Wallace Estates, it is all about accountability. It is our job to check that your tenant is treating your property with the respect it deserves.


We allow busy landlords to continue their lives without interruption over basic tenant queries. The last thing a busy landlord needs is a tenant phoning at all hours with minor issues such as heating problems, appliance instructions, noisy neighbours etc. Wallace Estates management service views dealing with such issues as all part of a days work.

Wallace Estates offers a number of excellent management packages to suit our different client's needs.

Letting & Management Agents | Cork & Dublin

  • Perform regular inspections by trained staff - ensuring small issues are dealt with before bigger problems occur.

  • Ensure rent is received as per Wallace Estates Leasing Agreements.

  • Provide a Comprehensive Management Service - providing each landlord with peace of mind.

  • Professionally deal with all tenancy matters.

  • Take the hassle out of renting property.


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