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Property Brokering | Auctioneers Cork & Dublin

Sourcing, negotiating and purchasing the right property can be both a time consuming and exhausting process in addition to the risks involved should a buyer be unacquainted with market pitfalls. Successful investment in property has no margin for error thus engaging in professional services drastically reduces the risk and eliminates the stress of research, consultations, viewings, negotiations and completion of the final sale process.

Wallace Estates operate exclusively as the buyer’s agent representing our client’s interests only eliminating conflicts of interest that are inherent in traditional estate agent transactions. Our advice and reports are independent and tailored to each buyer.


Wallace Estates managing director Bernadette Wallace has been specialising in the property market since 2004, thus our company has extensive working knowledge of the property market concerning investment yields and capital appreciation while also maintaining connections within the industry to source quality off market properties and below market value properties. We also possess access to property value databases individual buyers would not have. We are experienced in both working with private individuals and investment companies sourcing properties for their portfolio.


In addition to the range of letting and property management services offered once an investment property has been sourced, we provide a variety of services to enable clients to secure their ideal property whether that be for investment purposes or securing a family home.

Buy-To-Let | Estate Agents


  • Consultation Only

  • Negotiation Only

  • Auction Attendance & Bidding Service

  • Complete Sourcing, Negotiation & Final Sale Service

Estate Agent Auctioneer Fees

Consultation Only

€110 plus vat per hour face to face advice-only service.


Negotiation Only

Our negotiation only service is billed on the basis of an initial consultation and then an hourly rate with a success fee payable when the target properties are achieved for buyers. There is an initial retainer payable at the time of engagement of €500.00 plus vat.


Auction Attendance & Bidding Service

€500 plus vat payable in advance of the auction date. We attend the auction on the day and bid on behalf of the buyer, strictly subject to instructions. There is a further success fee of €500.00 plus vat if and when property is secured.


Sourcing & Negotiation Arrangement

3-6 month house hunting contract. Fees payable if and when the ideal home is successfully secured are as follows:


Purchase Price                      Fee Payable

€0 - €300,000                        1.5% of PP

€300,000 - €750,000             1.25% of PP

€750,000+                             1% of PP


There is an initial retainer payable at the time of engagement of €950.00 plus vat. This retainer is non-refundable should a client withdraw from the purchasing market.


Wallace Estates do not charge any additional outlays or travel expenses. There are no hidden fees or charges. The maximum you will pay is the commission agreed in advance and that is payable upon receipt of keys to your new property less the retainer fee already paid.

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