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Lead a busy life style? Our property management package is for you

We all know that a return/yield on an investment property is essential, but for many individuals so is peace of mind and a decent nights sleep. When a property is professionally managed by Wallace Estates, it is all about accountability. It is our job to check that your tenant is treating your property with the respect it deserves. Through regular inspections by trained staff, many problems that arise from not dealing with the small issues can be avoided. For example, leaves blocking a drain or a patch of dampness in a bathroom can be dealt with so simply before there is flood damage or dampness spreading throughout the walls of your property.


Not only does management help remove the hassle of chasing rents, resolving disputes and dealing with block management issues, it allows busy landlords to continue their lives without interruption over basic tenant queries. The last thing a busy landlord needs is a tenant phoning at all hours with minor issues such as heating problems, appliance instructions, noisy neighbours etc. Wallace Estates management service views dealing with such issues as all part of a days work.


Wallace Estates offers a number of excellent management packages to suit our different clients needs. Please see our detailed packages below or contact our management department should you wish to discuss a package targeted to your specific needs.





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Letting Only


Rent Management


Full Management

Meet you at the property and advise on rental valuation

Advise on any cosmetic repairs and current standards of necessary furniture

Photograph the property

Advertise your property on our website and on a number of popular mediums

Conduct viewings with suitable prospective tenants from our database and adverts

Conduct appropiate reference checks including employer, landlord and bank

Secure a deposit on the property which is passed to the landlord for holding

Draw up and execute a lease on behalf of the landlord

Complete relevant sections of prtb registration form and send to landlord

Collect 1st months rent from tenant and pass to landlord

Provide landlord with a copy of our signed agency agreement

Set up utilities for new tenant including electricity and gas

Monitor rents and provide landlord with monthly account statement

Persue any late rents in accordance with the residential tenancies act 2004

Check landlord's inventory and attach to lease agreement

Visit the property at regular intervals to conduct inspections

Inspect property at the end of tenancy and advise landlord on return deposit

Advise landlord of maintenance issues and organise repair at landlords request

Advise landlord of rent appraisal reviews at renewal dates

Represent landlord at any Prtb hearing should it arise

Organise standing order for direct payment of future rents from tenant to landlord